6 July – 14 August 2015

Oxford Int4ernship 6Jul-14Aug2015_10 Oxford Int4ernship 6Jul-14Aug2015_6 

“2015 University of Oxford Student Internship Program” is the first University of Oxford Student Internship Program jointly held by the Business, Economic and Public Policy Research Centre of Hong Kong Shue Yan University and the Family Value Foundation of Hong Kong Limited.  Nine interns from University of Oxford and Hong Kong Shue Yan University did a research about the father’s involvement in Hong Kong. The internship program had lasted for 6 weeks from July with different activities being held, including orientation, workshop, research and presentation. To equip all interns for a quality research outcome, two workshops about qualitative research and video editing were respectively held by Dr. Fu, Associate Professor of the Counseling and Psychology Department of HKSYU, and Howson Tsang, Studio Manager of the Journalism and Communication Department of HKSYU were conducted. The research was done by three groups of interns (1 Oxford student and 2 HKSYU students each). Each of them had to choose their own research directions. They decided to investigate the relationship between father’s involvement and the following social aspects – gender equality, cross-border working, recent lawsuit, marital relationship, traditional Chinese values, children academic performance and Christianity. Besides the search of information, the Family Value Foundation organized 6 interviews as well as the stay in 3 host family for the Oxford interns to allow the research groups to observe the situation and further explore the issues. After weeks for preparation, the interns shared the outcome and documentary in several occasions. It started on 1st August in CUHK, with the Oxford representative sharing opinion about father involvement during The 5th Youth Conference that held by LPD Educational Foundation. Also, the interns from Oxford attended a symposium with medical college students from HKU and CUHK to discuss the challenges that family and father’s role are facing in the aspect of Christianity. All interns also joined the Luncheon in the same day as well as the Sharing Conference in the HKCCC Union Logos Academy to present their ideas and exchange opinion with the guests.



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