Pre-departure Checklist
  1. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months and longer than the duration of your exchange (or your home return permit is valid for a period longer than the duration of your exchange)
  2. Collect your host institution acceptance letter from International Unit
  3. Apply for student visa and other tourist visa(s) if required
  4. Make accommodation arrangement
  5. Book your air ticket
  6. Check your HKSYU email regularly
  7. Update your contact details including emergency contact details with HKSYU
  8. Confirm your study plan with your Department and your host institution
  9. Have a medical check-up and get vaccinations (if necessary)
  10. Consult your doctor for prescribed medication (preferably with a letter from the doctor) (if necessary)
  11. Purchase sufficient travel, medical and health insurance
  12. Pass your insurance policy to a family member and keep a copy with you during exchange
  13. Keep hardcopies and electronic copies of all important documents
  14. Store all important contact numbers
  15. Authorise trusted family member to handle your matters while you are away
  16. Pay your HKSYU tuition fees for the exchange semester(s)
  17. Enroll with HKSYU and settle all outstanding fees
  18. Submit Credit Transfer Application Form to the Head of Department/ staff who is responsible for credit transfer in your Department
  19. Arrange access to different sources of funds (e.g. cash, credit card)
  20. Obtain electrical adaptors
  21. Send your arrival schedule to your host institution
  22. Check the orientation schedule of your host institution
  23. Read partner institution’s website
  24. Check for the laws, customs and restrictions in your host country
  25. Plan your route from airport to your host institution
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