Information for Inbound Exchange Students


For Fall For Spring
Step 1
Sep – Dec Mar – Jul • Plan early, check HKSYU’s factsheet, browse available courses and estimate the expenses
Step 2
Know More
Jan – Feb Aug • Check HKSYU website for schedule and registration details
Step 3
Apply to home institution
Mar Sep • Go through the application process at home institution
Step 4
Nominated to HKSYU
Apr Oct • Home institution nominates students to HKSYU
Step 5
Apply to HKSYU
End of Apr End of Oct Nominated students:
• Submit application form and visa application to HKSYU
• Provide all required supporting documents to HKSYU
(After soft copy confirmed by HKSYU, original copy should be couriered to HKSYU)
Step 6
Accept offer
May Nov Successful students:
• Receive and accept offer from HKSYU
Step 7
Get ready and go
Jun – Aug
(Fall starts in Sep)
Nov – Dec
(Spring starts in Jan)
• Prepare for departure
– Receive HK visa through mail
– Send arrangements for flights and insurance to HKSYU
– Receive pre-departure information from HKSYU
– Enroll with HKSYU
Step 8
Return to HKSYU
After 1 or 2 semester(s) • Return from exchange
– Receive transcipt from HKSYU
– Provide feedback to HKSYU
– Share experience at future information sessions



To facilitate the preparation of application for exchange at HKSYU, here comes some useful information and key dates:

(1) Key Dates

Once a partner university has provided us with formal nomination for exchange, the partner university or their student(s) may simply provide us with the soft copy of duly completed application documents (please refer to Section (3) for details) through email for initial screening.

  • Nomination Deadline: 15 April (for Fall semester) / 15 October (for Spring semester)
  • Application Deadline: 30 April for Fall semester) / 30 October (for Spring semester)

If all documents and the information filled in are fine, we shall inform partner university/ the student(s) so that the original copy of application documents could be couriered to HKSYU for issuing offer letter and applying for student visa to Hong Kong.


(2) Student VISA to Hong Kong

The Immigration Department in Hong Kong normally takes at least 6 weeks to process an application for student visa. Hopefully, the original copy of application documents could arrive HKSYU within May (for exchange in Fall Semester) / within October (for exchange in Spring Semester) in order to avoid the delay of the issue of student visa.


(3) Application Documents

Attached below please find the list of documents required to be submitted to us for the application for exchange and student visa:

  1. HKSYU’s Online Application Form for Exchange (will be sent to nominated student by host university)
  2. Completed and signed student visa application form [ID995A] with the photocopy of proof of the student’s financial support (e.g. bank statements, savings account passbooks, tax receipts, salary slips, etc.)
  3. Original copy of Declaration by Financial Sponsor (if applicable)
  4. Photocopy of the student’s valid travel document (e.g. passport) containing personal particulars, date of issue, date of expiry, and photo
  5. Original copy of academic transcript issued by the home university
  6. Two recent passport photo sized photos


(4) Accommodation

On-campus accommodation places will be reserved for all exchange-in students. Exchange students do not need to apply for on-campus accommodation. The International Unit of HKSYU will provide exchange students with relevant information (e.g. hall fees) in due course. Please use our virtual tour to visit our residence hall.


(5) Course Enrollment

HKSYU reviews the list of courses for exchange student from time to time. Updated list of courses for exchange students will be sent to the partner university/ student(s) in due course for course selection. Please click here for the course list for exchange students.


For more details, please check out our Factsheet.

For enquiries or the submission of nomination, please write to The staff of the International Unit will get back to you as soon as possible.