Timeline for exchange/ study abroad in Semester I, 2024/25

  • Deadline for application to be submitted to the International Unit: 26 February 2024 (Monday).
For Semester I For Semester II
Step 1

Research, preparation and decision making


Sep – Jan Mar – Aug 1.      Choose preferred country/ countries

2.      Shortlist top three host universities (Note: your 1st option is the most important one)

3.      Study the websites of these three host institutions (application criteria, courses available, application deadlines, etc.)

4.      Browse available courses, propose study plan and consult department coordinators on credit transfer

5.      Estimate the expenses

6.      Sit for language proficiency test

7.      Attend information session organized by IU

Step 2

Application submission

Mid Feb Early Sep 1.      Submit application to IU
Step 3


Feb – Mar Late Sep – Early Oct 1.      Attend group interview

2.      Shortlisted candidates to sign “Consent Form”

Step 4

Apply to Host Universities

Mar – Apr Oct – Nov 1.      IU will notify nominated students and their host universities

2.      Students submit applications and supporting documents to host universities

Step 5

Accept the offer

May – Aug Dec – Jan 1.      Host universities will issue offer letters to successful candidates

2.      Apply for subsides/ scholarships

Step 6

Get ready and go

Jun – Sep Dec – Jan 1.      Receive admission information issued by host universities

2.      Prepare for departure

a.      Arrange for accommodation, insurance, visa, flights

b.      Enroll with HKSYU, pay the tuition fees and re-validate student card before departure

c.      Watch out for the latest policies on COVID-19 and other issues of host universities

Step 7

During exchange

Sep – Dec Jan – May 1.       Submit Credit Transfer Form (Part I & II) to department coordinators when you get the FULL course outlines

2.      Follow the requirements of host universities

3.      Enjoy the exchange but remember to study hard

Step 8

Return to HKSYU

After 1 or 2 semester(s) After 1 or 2 semester(s) 1.      Prepare for your return in advance (especially due to the pandemic)

2.      Complete Part III of the Credit Transfer Form

3.      Submit the completed Credit Transfer Form with transcript to IU

3.      Provide feedback to IU

4.      Share your experience

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