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Inha University has offered a summer school every year since 2004 to enhance its global education. This 3-week short-term, intensive programme mainly consists of classroom lectures, visits to corporate sites and field trips to cultural and historic places. Through the coursework, participants will have opportunities to understand the dynamic aspects of Korean society in the past, present and future. They will have many opportunities to meet and interact with Korean assistant students. They will be able to share their experiences and views with each other through presentations.

The on-site three-week summer school is one of the shortlisted summer programmes eligible for HKSYU’s credit-bearing Summer Abroad Scheme (GEC206).


Courses available
Required Korean Culture Workshop
Elective Track A Basic Korean/ Intermediate Korean/ Advanced Korean

Introduction to Korean Cinema

Business Communication in English

Elective Track B Korean Culture through Korean Dance

Introduction to K-Pop Drama & Its Multicultural Aspects

Introduction to Korean Health and Wellness


Programme Dates

25 July – 15 August 2023 (3 weeks)


Programme Fee  

US$1500 ≈ HK$11,700 (Partner University)

US$1450 ≈ HK$11,300 (Early bird discount before 5 May 2023)

US$1400 ≈ HK$10,100 (Group application with more than 30 participants)


* The currencies have all been converted to HK dollars for your reference. Please refer to the website of the organiser for the actual programme fee, accommodation and other expenses.



Included in programme fee


Application Deadline

Normal deadline: 26 May 2023

Early bird deadline: 5 May 2023

Latest News: 2023 Inha Summer School application is temporarily closed due to huge group applicants, and limited seats in dormitory. 



Students currently enroll at HKSYU (Year 4 students are also welcome)


Submission of Application

1. To enjoy the early bird discount, please apply to Inha University as early as possible <click here> and pay the fee to Inha University by 5 May 2023

2. Submit the MachForm to the International Unit so that we can track who have applied <click here>

3. Those who miss the early bird deadline should submit your application <click here> and check with Inha University first before you pay the fee directly to Inha University by the normal deadline of 26 May 2023.

4. The International Unit will assist you to prepare the official academic transcript, and brief you on issues related to summer programmes, but you are responsible for submitting your application to the programme organiser before the deadline, paying for the programme fee, purchasing air tickets and insurance, securing a proper visa (if applicable), etc.


Programme Information


Education Bureau’s Scheme for Subsidy

Means-tested Subsidy

Those receiving means-tested student financial assistance from the Student Finance Office (SFO) or whose families are receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) are eligible to apply for the Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange for

  • Means-tested Subsidy on Exchange to “Belt and Road” Regions for the Post-Secondary Students (Means-tested SSEBR): With Korea as the destination and 3 weeks in duration, the maximum level of subsidy for the Subsidy Scheme on this summer school programme is HK$9,000

The amount for an eligible student is calculated by the approved level of student finance (in terms of percentage of full grant) to the maximum level of subsidy for the Subsidy Scheme.

Each student will be eligible for assistance under the Means-tested SSEBR twice throughout their study in programme(s) at the same level of study in Hong Kong, irrespective of the amount of subsidy received.

Non-means-tested Subsidy

All full-time and local undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the Non-means-tested SSEBR. With Korea as the destination and 3 weeks in duration, the maximum level of subsidy for the Subsidy Scheme on this summer school programme is HK$2,700.

However, each student will only be eligible to receive once throughout their study in programme(s) at the same level of study in Hong Kong.

* Students can apply for the Education Bureau’s Scheme for Subsidy via our online Application Form.

* For more information about the Education Bureau’s Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange, please visit our website.


Information for International Unit

Coordinator’s Name Pauline LAU
Phone 28048407
Email studyabroad@hksyu.edu
Address RLB 501, Research Complex, 6 Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill, North Point, Hong Kong
Postal code 000000



Please contact the International Unit at 28048407 or through email to studyabroad@hksyu.edu. You may also visit us at RLB501 of the Research Complex.





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