Summer 2016

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Operation Zhang Qian – Student Summer Internship Programme (offered by Maritime Sild Road Society) offered an overseas internship position in Fairchild Group in Canada to a year 4 student from the Department of Journalism and Communication, Miss Yeung Man Yi;  and an overseas internship position in Nanjing China Railway No. 2 Engineering Group Property Development Company Ltd. in China to a  year 3 student from the Department of Accounting, Miss Cheng Yuen Ting.

Operation Zhang Qian – Student Summer Internship Programme organised by the Youth Opportunities Committee (YOC), aims to encourage university students to re-capture the ancient spirit of adventure epitomized by Zhang Qian, the pioneer of the Silk Road in the Han dynasty, and to capitalize on the developmental opportunities of “The Belt and Road Initiative”.  Under professional counselling and coaching, successful applicants will be working in industries such as construction engineering, petrochemical, energy and infrastructure, finance, logistics, hotel services/ management, catering, and sales and marketing.  Belt and Road countries, ASEAN countries and regions: Czech Republic, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.



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