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Summer study at Peking University will provide you with an exciting and enriching experience. With its unique location in Beijing, the capital city, as well as the political, cultural, financial and economic hub of China, the program will offer you all the conveniences and amenities of living in a cosmopolitan city, along with the friendly and embracing attitude of its people. The university, established in 1898, is the oldest national university in China, and has played an integral role in the development of the Chinese nation. Today, it enjoys international recognition and welcomes young talents from all around the world. The Peking University Summer School International (PKUSSI) began in 2009. Through a decade of endeavors, it aims to provide aspiring students with the world’s perspectives of China and China’s perspectives of the world. Academic courses with PKU credits are offered for undergraduates, graduates, and working professionals. A variety of course credits, subjects, and durations are available to choose. Fieldtrips as well as extracurricular and social events are also arranged for participants to get more deeply immersed in the local culture and campus life.


Programme Dates Session A : 3 – 14 July 2023 (2 weeks)

Session B : 17 – 28 July 2023 (2 weeks)

Session A & B : 3 – 28 July 2023 (4 weeks)

Application Deadline 31 May 2023
Programme Fee   Application fee: RMB 400

Online course:

Within Early Bird Rate

(in RMB)

Regular Rate

(in RMB)

4 PKU credits 11000 12000
5 PKU credits 13000 14000
6 PKU credits 15000 16000


On-site Courses Only/ On-site Courses + Online Courses:

Within Early Bird Rate

(in RMB)

Regular Rate

(in RMB)

6 PKU credits 15000 16000


* Early Bird refers to applicants who apply and complete the online payment for tuition before April 15, 2023

Accommodation RMB 120-160 per night



Submission of Application

  1. Check and ensure that you fulfil the admission and English language
  2. Fill in HKSYU online form to register for this summer programme at least two weeks before the official Application Deadline of the Programme indicated above.
  3. The International Unit will assist you to prepare the official academic transcript, and brief you on issues related to summer programmes, but you are responsible for submitting your application to the programme organizer before the deadline, paying for the programme fee, arranging accommodation, purchasing air tickets and securing a proper visa (if applicable).



  1. Reaching Out Award:
    1. Please contact OSA for more details
  2. Education Bureau’s Scheme for Subsidy:
    1. Students receiving means-tested student financial assistance from the Student Finance Office (SFO) or whose families are receiving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) are eligible to apply for the Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students (SSE) of the Education Bureau. With the Mainland China as the destination and 2 weeks in duration, the maximum level of subsidy for the Subsidy Scheme on this summer school programme is HK$9,000. The amount for an eligible student is calculated by the approved level of student finance (in terms of percentage of full grant) to the maximum level of subsidy for the Subsidy Scheme. Please contact the International Unit to check your eligibility.
    2. Each student will only be eligible for assistance under the SSE ONCE throughout their study in programme(s) at the same level of study in Hong Kong, irrespective of the amount of subsidy received.
    3. If you are eligible to apply for SSE, please submit your Application Form.



Please contact the International Unit by phone (2804-8407), email ( or in person (RLB501 of Research Complex).



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